Introducing myself!

Hello, You.

I am Ravi Warrier, and I've worked for over three decades transforming startups and small businesses, equipping them with the tools and strategies to perfect their investor pitches and thrive in the business world.

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years of designing solutions


startups worked with in 5 different countries


individuals trained on
public speaking, product and project management,
and leadership

The Philosophy

Every great idea needs
an even better story

Behind every great idea is a story waiting to be told. Crafting that narrative is an art, blending passion with purpose. It's about connecting with your audience - the investors you wish to entice, making them see the vision, feel the passion, and believe in the potential. Every pitch is a tale, and every tale needs a masterful storyteller.

About Me

My Story

From my early days of turning a passion for coding into successful businesses, I've always been driven by the thrill of solving problems, creation and growth. My ventures, which scaled to 7-8 figure revenues, were more than just businesses; they were learning grounds. They taught me the nuances of not just technology, but also the art of selling, relationship-building, and leadership.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of coaching, training, and consulting numerous professionals and startup founders, helping them navigate their entrepreneurial journeys. My insatiable curiosity has led me to delve deep into the realms of strategies, management, leadership, and more. This knowledge isn't just theoretical; I've practiced, refined, and shared it at public events and in one-on-one interactions.

But my journey isn't about accolades or titles. It's about the lessons learned, the challenges overcome, and the knowledge I can share. If you're here, it's not to read about my past, but to see how we can shape your future together. Today, my mission is simple: to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I've accumulated, and to partner with founders like you in crafting success stories.



1995 - Present


Semantic Systems, Synergy Web, Acutance, FUTRED/IN, Spark10

1999 - Present


Leadership, Product Design and Management, Strategy, Marketing

Public Speaker

MS, SPINs, Startup Events

2003 - 2020

Corporate Jobs

Wipro, HCL, Satyam, Virtusa

2014 - Present

Startup Ecosystem

Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Trainer


My Specializations

Pitch and Public Speaking Coach

I have worked with startup founders to transform them into elite orators who capture their audience's hearts and minds.

Over 100 projects

Product Strategy and Design

I have personally designed and built products are used by many large enterprises and have helped startups strategize their product roadmaps and backlogs to enhance customer experiences.

37 projects

Leadership and Business Coaching

It's not easy being an efficient, effective and loved boss when the weight of the business is on one's shoulder. I have worked with startup founders to make them better managers and leaders.

30 Projects


Trusted by over a Hundred Clients


My Services

Pitch Review

Have deck ready?
Have me review it

Rs. 3000 / review

  • Content & Structure Analysis
  • Visual Design & Data Presentation Feedback
  • Narrative Consistency
  • Feedback on USP & Value Proposition
  • Competitive Analysis Review
  • Financials Scrutiny
  • Call-to-Action Evaluation
  • Feedback Summary
Review My Deck

Pitch Coaching

Transform into a
pitching rockstar

Let's talk first

  • Understanding Investor Psychology
  • Storytelling & Narrative Building
  • Effective Slide Design Principles
  • Body Language & Presentation Techniques
  • Handling Tough Questions
  • Practice Sessions & Mock Pitches
  • Feedback & Iterative Improvements
  • Final Pitch Rehearsal
Perfect My Pitch


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